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How to Cope with Anxiety and Depression During Covid 19 (Youtube video)

Am I the only one who didn’t think that we’d be dealing with a whole pandemic still in the middle of summer? I just had no idea that this would still be going on. Maybe I was being naive or maybe I didn’t want to believe that this virus would still be affecting us the way it has been for such a long time. How are you coping? Are you coping? What are you doing to keep yourself motivated? Are you motivated? Those are just some of the questions that you just have to ask yourself right now because if the answer is no, then let’s discuss how you can fix this or come to some solution.

Anxiety and depression is one of those issues that no one wants to talk about. No one wants to think that something is wrong with them or someone else they know mentally. However, now is the time when most people are dealing with this issue the most. We seemingly aren’t enjoying the life we once were accustomed to living. We’re in isolation for the better part of our days. We’re too afraid to go anywhere because of the fear of the unknown. You’re trying to be safe, but you also want to live your best life.

All these thoughts and emotions can be all consuming. The best thing to do is talk about how you’re feeling. You may not think it’s a big deal now, but if you allow it to be contained within you, you’ll explode and be in a far worse situation. Talk to someone you trust. Talk to someone who you know cares about your well being. Talk to God. Just talk it out. There is strength in expressing how you feel. Don’t allow your mind to think that how you’re feeling is meaningless or that you’re meaningless. You matter and your feelings matter. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious, but when it consumes your day to day functioning, then it’s time to address what’s been bothering you so you can get the necessary help that you need.

It’s so important to talk it out, but it’s also just as important to work it out. By that I mean staying busy. Find yourself busy doing something that you love and enjoy.  The more free time you have, the more time your mind has to worry and wonder about things you have no control over. You do however have control over what you do during this time. I’m sure there is some gift, talent or hobby that can keep you preoccupied. Reach deep down within and figure out what it is that can bring you the most joy and hold on to it.

You can make it through this pandemic. We can make it through this pandemic. Just reach out and get the help that you need! Take care of yourself as well as others.



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