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Top 5 Positive Affirmations Mothers Should Tell Daughters Regularly

5 positive affirmations mothers should tell daughters regularly!

Everyone loves praise and admiration for a job well done. Whether it be on a job, at school, or in your home, we look to those in superiority positions to strengthen and encourage us and inspire us to do great things. The role of a mother can be a very difficult journey. Most importantly, the role of a mother to a daughter is a key relationship that will shape a little girl into the woman she will become. Furthermore, the words that a mother voices to her daughter can have a positive or negative affect for a lifetime. Here are just a few positive affirmations that mothers should find themselves saying to their daughters on a continual basis.

  • I love you.

Those three small words can really have a positive impact in a young girls life. Sometimes we as mothers assume our children know we love them. That’s not something that should ever be assumed. Telling your daughter daily that you love her can make all the difference in the world. When I tell my daughter that I love her, I can tell it just makes her day and lights up her world. I tell her in the morning before she goes to school and again at night before she goes to bed. It may be over kill, but the point is that she will know above all else that mommy loves her unconditionally now and forever.

  • You are enough.

This saying carries more impact when a young girl is more middle school age. This is the time when hormones and boys start to come into the picture. Comparison also is an unfortunate reality around this time, and it seems to affect girls more so than boys. Telling your daughter sooner rather than later that she is more than enough will teach her to not compare herself to any one else. Letting her know that she is enough just the way she is, and she shouldn’t try to change to fit in with the crowd or one particular group. Her individuality is what makes her unique, and she shouldn’t try to hide that fact. You as her mother can help her to become the woman she is destined to be by teaching her to be herself.

  • You can do/be anything.

Girl boss comes to mind when I think of this saying. Girls need to know that they can do whatever they put their minds to do. There really is no limit to what women can accomplish. Your daughter needs to hear from YOU that she should try whatever is in her heart to tackle. Even if she fails, continue to encourage her to keep at it no matter how hard it may seem. She needs to know that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible, even if she doesn’t quite know what that thing is just yet. The point is that you want to encourage her in whatever endeavors she may seek out.

  • You are beautiful

This goes hand in hand with the second saying about being enough. With social media and just media in general, a lot of young girls and women can view themselves as not being pretty enough. I find myself constantly telling my daughter that she is beautiful because as an African-American dark skin girl, I already know the challenges she will face. I tell her she is beautiful not for a black girl, but because she’s a black girl. By doing this, I’m boosting her confidence and self-esteem up so that when she is older, she won’t question her beauty.

  • You are smart.

Telling your daughter she is smart is just as important as telling her she is beautiful. You don’t want her to be just a pretty face with no intellect to match. You need to encourage her while she’s in school, and help her in any way to learn. My daughter hates when she doesn’t understand something right away, but I encourage her by telling her she’s smart and she can do this. If I tell her she can, she starts believing she can and in turn she will. The knowledge she obtains and retains starts and ends with you. If you don’t care, then she won’t care.


Mothers play a vital role in a young girl and young woman’s life. Mothers are a daughters first best friend. They come to us for comfort and direction. They seek us for wisdom and guidance. We have to be available and active participants in their growth and development. It all starts with positive affirmations that we speak into their young and evolving minds. We may not agree with every decision that they make down the road, but we can help pave the way and make that path a little easier for them. Don’t neglect the impact and role that you play as a mother. Just know that they are listening and need every bit of encouragement that you can offer. Your opinion means more to them than anyone else they will encounter in there lifetime.


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