Feels Great to be 38: What I Did For My Birthday

What I did for my 38th birthday!

Well hello thirty-eight! It is so nice to meet you! Where have you been all my life? It feels glorious to reach the ripe oldish age of thirty-eight years old. Let me just keep it real for a minute. There is nothing all that amazing about turning this age. It is although a reminder of how close I am to forty actually. However, I’m thankful nonetheless for God allowing me to reach this stage in my life. In my opinion, your age is your stage in life. I’m looking forward to whatever this stage of my life will entail. I’m sure it will be full of new obstacles and new lessons to learn and grow. Each stage teaches you something that you need to build upon. Some view there birthday as just another day, but I believe you should celebrate your life even if you have to do it all by yourself. Be the life of your own party!

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So what exactly did I do on my birthday? Well I spent it with the ones I love the most which were my husband and kids. I woke up to sweet kisses from my six year old daughter. She has the best kisses! Then my son came in my bedroom and gave me a sweet hug. He has the best hugs! We sent them off to school, and wished them a good day. Of course my daughter made it known before she left that she wanted me to check her out of school for my birthday. I think she loves birthdays just as much as I do.

I started off my day at the spa thanks to my loving husband. I received a much needed body and foot massage from the wonderful staff at Massage Infinity in Atlanta, Ga in the Buckhead area. What better way to spend your day then with an hour and a half massage. This was my first time at this spa, and I must say that I will definitely go back. If you’ve never had a massage before, I would highly recommend that you receive one. I’m thinking I may make it a weekly ritual.


Then we went to Warby Parker to check out some eyeglasses. I’ve heard great things about there frames and wanted to see for myself.  It is located just down the street from the spa I visited so I knew I wanted to check it out before we left the area. I tried on so many frames that I wanted to purchase but only ended up purchasing two. I can’t wait to receive them. The price was right up my alley and again the customer service was excellent.



For lunch, we dined at Maggianos Italian restaurant. My husband and I were pretty hungry, and it was nearby. Italian is probably one of my favorite types of cuisine, so I was fine with having a birthday lunch here. The truth is that I didn’t really have anything in mind to eat for lunch. Due to the fact that it was lunch time, we didn’t have to wait at all which is good considering we were in a very busy area. I ordered the chicken and spinach manicotti. It was really good. The waitress knew it was my birthday and brought out a small dessert for me to enjoy. It unfortunately wasn’t all that great, but I’m thankful nevertheless for the sweet gesture!



Then we went to pick up my daughter from school because she would have been devastated if I didn’t go get her from school and spend time with her on my birthday. My daughter wanted to be sure that I received a gift. So my husband took me to Jareds to pick out a time piece. I in no way need another watch, but he insisted. I ended up picking out a two-tone Movado. I have many brands in my collection, but not a Movado or a two toned watch. After that, we ended up going to my son’s basketball game. I rarely get to attend his games and wanted to make sure I went to support him before the season ends. Basketball is life for him!



We ended the night eating dinner at a local restaurant in my town of Douglasville, Ga called Gumbeauxs. I absolutely love the food there. It was a long wait for a Tuesday night, but considering they’re not open on Mondays, I wasn’t surprised. I ordered the Seaford chowder which is one of my favorite dishes along with the shrimp and grits. The night was full of laughter and love, and I don’t think I would have rather spent it any other way.


My birthday was January 15th. Team Capricorn!

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