How to Become Established in Life

After you have suffered for a while, the God of all grace (who imparts His blessing and favor), who called you to His own eternal glory in Christ, will Himself complete, confirm, strengthen, and establish you (making you what you ought to be).   ~1 Peter 5:10 (Amplified Version)

I have this particular scripture written on a note stuck to my mirror in my bathroom as a way to remind myself why I’m having to suffer and who I’m doing it for.


These are all questions we tend to ask God when we’re suffering and going through our difficult moments in life. We want answers to questions that it seems like God just won’t deliver at the time. We become frustrated and aggravated at our situation because it seems like their is just no end to the agony of it all. It would be nice to know how long is a while. The while, I’ve come to realize, depends on the trial. The trial depends on our development in the midst of the process. If you haven’t gotten it yet, isn’t it necessary for the trial to continue? The last thing you would want is to come out of what you’re in not fully equipped and prepared. That is why with every situation you have to go in it with the mentality that you will learn everything you need to know that will contribute to the progression of your being.

We tell God we want to grow not realizing the ramifications of praying such a prayer. Don’t say why me but instead think why not me? Questioning God is pointless. Bargaining with God accomplishes nothing. The sooner we accept what is, the sooner we can face what will be. Giving up seems like the reasonable solution to all our problems, however, that would be just too easy. First we must not view our situation as suffering but as an opportunity to employ new found strength that we didn’t even know was within. Sometimes it takes some difficulty to reveal the light of our soul.


So how does one become established in this life? Well, becoming an established individual has nothing to do with what you have from a materialistic perspective but everything to do with who you are as a contributing person in society. Riches and wealth and the like does not make one established. Prosperity does not exempt one from suffering. Suffering mentally can be just as severe as suffering financially. We are all hand picked some form of suffering to endure regardless of our socioeconomic status. It sounds a bit harsh for God to do such a thing, but here’s the point. How can you contribute if you haven’t experienced suffering? How can you help, if you haven’t been hurt? How can you teach someone how to come out if you haven’t gone through. You become established by allowing suffering to be in your life rather than avoiding it at all cost.

We have to become partners with our suffering realizing that we ultimately reap the benefits of the relationship. God knows exactly what is required in order for us to become established and stable human beings. In the end, we become who we truly were meant to be from the beginning when we were created in our mother’s womb. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. Use your influence to help God save and change lives. After all, we are merely His vessels.


I wrote this post to encourage others on this journey of life. I couldn’t just ramble on and on expressing myself about materialistic, superficial topics without acknowledging that there are far too important matters to discuss that we as a people avoid. Fashion is my passion but Jesus is my reason! 

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