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The Initial Step

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’ve almost drove yourself to insanity obsessing over it? That passion that just seems to burn inside of you to do something that almost seems crazy. Unthinkable. Unimaginable. You tell yourself to stay in your comfort zone because stepping out on what you believe to be the right thing to do is insane. So many variables to think about. What if I fail? What if I disappoint those I love? What if I find that this thing that’s been burning in me to do turns out to be something that destroys me, or what if I no longer find fulfillment in it.

We can all come up with excuses as to why we shouldn’t do a particular thing. However, do we take just that much time thinking about how we can succeed. Thinking about the optimistic end result rather than disappointment. Sometimes the hardest step to make is the initial step. Swallowing all your fears, and saying to yourself, I got this. I can do this. This will succeed. I will prosper from this. This will make me happy. This will make me rich. This will make me content.

That initial step takes some serious strength and bravery. It’s best just to close your eyes and jump, and keep your eyes close until you get to the destination.

Tossing and turning in bed. Obsessing and obsessing over it. Spending every waking moment with it in your heart and mind. You can’t even enjoy life to the fullest because you want something so bad, and can’t understand why you haven’t gone for it. Why you haven’t taken that leap. Why you haven’t chosen you over fear. Haven’t chosen to reach for the possibilities of success. Haven’t chosen to rest in knowing that you made the right decision no matter what the outcome may be.

Well we don’t fully know how things will turn out until we take a leap. We’re just living each day in comfort because this is what feels good, but does it really? I’d rather be happy than comfortable. I’d rather be doing what I love and am passionate about even if that means I may be uncomfortable for a moment. I’ll take temporary discomfort any day of the week and be happy and content for the rest of my life. Happiness is doing something that you love that brings you joy, meaning, and purpose. We all are purposed for something.

Okay so what if you fail? Well at least you tried, but you really have to ask yourself did you REALLY try or did you just half do it. Success is not an overnight thing. We give up too easily if we don’t see results quickly, but don’t just quit. If you truly love doing what you do, you will have no concept of time. If you really love something, you won’t realize that days, months, years have passed because you’ll be too busy enjoying what has kept you up at night obsessing over.

That’s what’s so refreshing about finally walking in your purpose. You’re no longer obsessing over doing it. You’re actually doing it. You’re actually putting into action those late night ideas. You’ve stepped out, and this sense of relief has come upon you. You feel free now. No longer entangled with your inner monologue telling you to stay where you are or else you’ll fall. You took that step out, and you’re floating not falling. You’re happy, no longer miserable. You’re loving every moment of life because you’re finally doing what makes you want to get up every day. There’s no sense of dread to life now. You smile not realizing why you’re doing it. You laugh more now because nothing is weighing heavy on you keeping you stagnant. You’re thinking about all the wonderful possibilities that are ahead of you now, and you’re excited. This is what you’ve been waiting on. This is what you’ve been fantasizing about. No longer just a dream, but now reality. Your every day reality. Your reality now is happiness. Your reality now is destiny driven purpose. However, in order to experience this surreal reality, you must make that initial step.

See how I achieved this look down below!!!!

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