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Friday by JW Pei Handbags: Unboxing and Review

Today I'm doing an unboxing and review on the brand Friday by JW Pei.

Friday by JW Pei

Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday. Today I will be showing you three handbags that I just purchased from a site called Friday by JW Pei. I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers named KarenBritChick. She was interviewing various people on the streets of New York City asking them where they purchased certain items of clothing, shoes, and accessories. She interviewed this one lady who had this very beautiful handbag that caught my eye immediately. When she told Karen where she purchased the bag, I immediately went to the site and took a browse around. I saw not only the one she had, but I also purchased two more that I really loved.

The company is based in China, so it took about a month for me to get my items. I don’t usually have to wait that long when I order anything online from China. I wasn’t too bothered by that because it’s not like I needed them sooner for a special occasion or anything. So if you don’t mind the wait, they are worth purchasing. All the handbags are made from vegan leather and recycled plastic bottles, which I think is awesome for sustainability.

They were having a sale at that time. I think everything was 30% off the original price, so I knew it was meant to be. I love a good sale especially on an item or items that I really love.

This first bag down below was the reason I went on the site in the first place. I really loved the color. It’s a mix between brown and deep burgundy, but it’s described as brown on the website. I love the texture of it as well. It’s a faux croc-effect. I really do need to stop buying items with this texture, but I just can’t help myself. It came in this marble effect box which I like. I can reuse it for a different purpose. This first bag was $39.00 + $5.00 for shipping for a total of $44.00. The bag is originally $89.00, and right now they are having 75% off the site. I plan to wear it mostly as a cross body bag. It goes down to the perfect length for my height. I’m 5’7″ for reference, and it goes to my hips. It has gold hardware as well which I can appreciate because I tend to wear mostly gold accessories.


I purchased the next two bags first because the brown bag was out of stock at the time I went on the site. The color is sage green or pistachio, which is a color that is trending this Fall/Winter season. I honestly don’t have any handbags in this color and wanted to add it to my collection. It is exactly like the brown bag except it’s just a different color. Nevertheless, I still love it. I’m one of those that will purchase something in several colors if I like it enough. This bag was $44.00 and because I purchased it with the next bag I’m going to show you, the shipping was free.


The final bag I purchased is a style bag that I’ve wanted for a while now. It’s a very 90s style bag. It came in a different packaging from the other two. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing so I didn’t share it in the photos. It basically was just a plain box with the logo on it. I initially wanted this bag in the sage green color, but every time I would visit the site, it would be out of stock. I guess that’s a good thing. That just means that everybody is in love with it just as much as I am. It has plenty of room for my essentials like my iPhone, keys, and mini wallet. As a matter of fact, all the bags are big enough for my essentials. I won’t be able to put much else in them, but that’s fine by me. The less I have to carry around, the better. The color is described as ivory on the site. I’m hoping I can keep it clean. I purchased it because like the sage green bag, I don’t have any ivory handbags in my collection.  The other two bags can be worn crossbody, and the ivory bag is more so to wear as a clutch or under the armpit with the strap over the shoulder. I’ll try to style them in upcoming looks so you’ll be able to truly visualize what I mean.


Well those are the gorgeous bags that I’ve added to my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I purchased all handbags with my own money, so my opinion on them is not a biased one at all. They are made of really good quality, and seem as though they will withstand wear and tear. Christmas is just around the corner, and I think they would make a perfect gift or gifts for any lady who is a handbag lover like me. I can’t wait to style them for you and show you how I would wear them. I will leave a link down below for each bag as well as the website if you’d like to purchase and try them out. Thanks for stopping by, and take care of yourself as well as others. Have a great weekend.

Click here to purchase brown bag

Click here to purchase sage green bag

Click here to purchase ivory bag

Click here to go to main site

Check out my Youtube video for more details on these handbags.

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