PARENTING 101: Your Kids Need a Hype Man/Woman

Hype your kids up!!!

When you think of a hype man, you think of that person on stage hyping the singer or rapper up. That side kick if you will, who is right there getting the crowd into what the star of the show is doing. The hype man is his or her right hand man/woman. So how does this pertain even remotely to raising children. Well, kids need a hype man too. Someone to encourage and motivate them when things are aren’t going great. Someone to assist them in anyway possible to get the job done.

We as parents sometimes neglect the fact that our children don’t just need our monetary support. They are in need our emotional support. We are their confidence boosters. We are their biggest cheerleaders. They look up to us and even emulate our actions and speech. So if the hype man isn’t doing his or her part, it makes the work just that much more difficult for the star of the show. He or she can very well do what needs to be done to get and keep the party going, but the hype man is a huge asset that can sometimes be overlooked.

Parenting is the same. When a child does something extraordinary, people say, “Oh he/she must have some great parents,” or “Wow, his/her parents did an awesome job raising him/her. The parents get the credit for what the child does even if it was the child that did all the work. People don’t see that work that you put in raising that talented child. It is just assumed that you played a part.

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Some parents take the tough love approach, which isn’t all bad. However, we have to know when our children need tough love and when they need encouraging and uplifting. Putting them down when they’re already in a fragile state isn’t helpful or constructive. Children don’t have the mental capacity like adults to differentiate constructive criticism, which we shouldn’t be doing as parents anyway. Criticizing children who don’t even know the way is nonproductive.

For instance, telling a child who failed an exam, “I thought you were smarter than that,” or “You’ll never graduate with those grades,” isn’t helpful to them at all. It only makes them feel like even more of a failure when their own parent doesn’t even believe in them. You may think it’s helpful, but I’m here to say it’s not. Try instead to talk it out and fully understand how they failed a test so that you can help them with strategies that will help them do better the next time.

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Now I’ve been a mother for going on 15 years, and I’ve learned over the years that what might have worked for me, will not always work for my children. This is a whole new generation of kids with what seems like more pressure on them to be perfect. Social media has a lot to do with that. More and more kids are depressed because what they see on the internet is reality to them. They don’t understand that what they see is a curated depiction of someone’s life. They have no clue what is going on behind that lens. So we must do our part as parents to ensure they are educated and are given the tools that they need to succeed in this life that could care less about them. If you care about your child, which I hope you do, then you will motivate them. Encourage them to pursue whatever their passions are, no matter how unrealistic those dreams and goals may sound to you. Anything is possible and can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Teach your children that. Teach them never to give up and keep going no matter how hard it may get. Teach them that it’s okay to fail, but try harder next time. Tell them how proud you are of them no matter how small it may be. If your 3 year old finished all her vegetables, tell her how proud you are of her. If your 18 year old got into his or her dream school, hype them up.

We as parents fall short sometimes, and that’s okay. It’s part of being human, but the least we can do is admit when we’re wrong and strive to be decent parents for ours kids. How you treat them will be a reflection of the type of human being they will become. You are raising future adults who will run companies, teach other kids, save lives, win awards, and just exist in an already hard knock life society. If we do our part, there will be more achievers and motivators in this world, and less difficult to work with, lazy, unmotivated, entitled adults. Hype them up, so that they in turn will pay it forward and hype others up along the way. Your time and effort has an indirect domino effect in this society more than you may ever know or see, and it stems from you mom and dad!!!

Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you’d like me to write more about parenting just let me know in the comments. My plan is to do more parenting advice here on my blog to help those who have children and need a little help because it does indeed take a village. Let me know what you think down below!!!

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