Fashion Friday: End of Summer Outfit Ideas + You Can’t Please Everybody

“You can please some people most of the……” You can please some people the majority…..” “You can’t please some people…..” You know what, forget it. That was my attempt at trying to quote a very familiar saying that I guess isn’t all that familiar to me just to please people. So you know what. Let’s just stop trying to please people all together because it NEVER works out. No matter how hard you try to make some people happy, they still end up dissatisfied and find fault in your hard work and dedication no matter how many hours of blood, sweat, and tears that you shed. They are miserable and just want to make your life a living hell because they can or at least they think they can. However, no one can steal your joy unless you allow them to do so. Stop trying to be a people pleaser because people can’t be pleased.

This generation that we’re living in is a generation of instant gratification. Now once that feeling has dissipated, it’s on to the next best thing to tickle the fancy. It’s as if we’ve lost the capability to be content and satisfied. Small things don’t matter. The new and improved and shiny newness is what we aim to find, and when we obtain it, we’re back to square one. We’re miserable and lack appreciation for small efforts that are made in an attempt to make us happy. We don’t know how to say thank you. We have to constantly give what we like to call constructive criticism when no one asked for it. We have to do better by showing more appreciation rather than disinclination because when you know better, you do better.

Moving forward, I’m thinking about changing things up a bit with my fashion Friday posts. I thought about maybe doing a how to style series where I show you how to style one piece several different ways. If that’s something you’re interested in just comment down below and let me know. I’m also thinking about posting three days a week instead of just one. I’ve been really inspired here lately so look out for more posts about health, faith, motivation and just whatever I feel inspired to write about throughout the week. Take care of yourself as well as others and enjoy my week of outfits.

Sunday of course was my day of worship. This outfit is what I wore to Sunday service. You can serve the Lord and still look fashionable. It is perfectly fine! I like to keep it conservative and classy though. You never know when the Holy Spirit will take over! The dress is from mango. The shoes are from ASOS. The headband and necklace are from Shein. I can’t remember where I purchased the sunglasses and earrings though. As you can tell from my previous fashion posts, I’m really into animal print. It is probably my favorite type of print to wear besides polka dots. I consider animal print a neutral. You can dress it up and wear it a multitude of ways.

Sunday September 8th
Sunday September 8th
Sunday September 8th
Sunday September 8th


On this day I didn’t do much. I just ran some errands. It was hell hot so I needed to wear something that wouldn’t make me sweat like a crazy lady. Believe it or not, I purchased this top from Express sometime last year, and I am just now wearing it. I’m one of those that will buy something, and it may be months before I end up wearing it. I’m not sure what possessed me to wear jeans in 90 degree weather. I did regret that later on though. The jeans are from mango. The sandals are from Zara. The hair clip is from amazon. I’m just really trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer by wearing all my summer clothing while I can. I love summer, but fall weather is probably my favorite time for fashion.

Monday September 9th
Monday September 9th
Monday September 9th


I wasn’t feeling all that great on Wednesday, but wanted to look somewhat presentable in spite of how I was feeling. Sometimes you just have to push through. I purchased the shirt from the men’s section in H&M. The leggings are from Express. This is my basic go to look when I just want to be comfortable because comfort comes before anything. I added a blazer to pull the look together. In my opinion, a blazer can elevate a basic look and turn it up a few notches. My blazer, by the way, is from Asos. Finally, you can’t go wrong with some basic slides which are from Addidas.

Wednesday September 11th
Wednesday September 11th
Wednesday September 11th

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