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Fashion Friday: Outfits & A Life Lesson

Welcome to another week of what I wore! Have you ever just had one of those weeks where everything just seemed off! Well that’s basically what I experienced this past week! Really it was just God speaking to me. We ask God to develop us more, and then when He does it, we aren’t receptive of his tactics. I learned this week to not be so resistant to receive help no matter how much I think I may know or may not need it. We all could use some help every now and then. We put more on ourselves than God ever intended. I found myself so stressed out and burned out when I could have just asked for help all along!! There are still some good people out there who genuinely care and don’t want to see you overwhelmed and want to be of service to you.  So stop trying to do it all, and receive your help. Have an amazing Labor Day weekend and let God do what’s best for your life! 😘😘😘

Here is just a little outfit inspiration!!!!

Friday August 23rd
Friday August 23rd
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Saturday August 24th
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Wednesday August 28th
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