Could You Be Any More Humble?



Have you ever just thought you had all your stuff together only to realize that you don’t know as much as you thought you did? I had one of those such moments recently as I was sitting in a classroom with several of my fellow nurse colleagues. I was thinking to myself, I don’t belong in this classroom. I know what I know. How in the world did I end up here? I eat, breathe, and sleep this material, so how on earth did I manage to miss something? I just sat there upset with myself. I couldn’t blame my colleagues or the instructor. I had no one to blame but myself. Well let me tell you something.  Life has a funny way of showing you that you aren’t as educated and on top of things as you think you might be. Sometimes you have to step back to step forward.

No Time for Complacency

It’s so easy for us to become so complacent and set it our ways that we become resistant and hesitant to change. Humility is a trait that many knowledgable and educated people fail to acquire. Just because you may know more than some, that doesn’t mean you know everything. You can always learn something from someone else. You may be the expert in your field, but you’re not the expert in every field. Even experts have to brush up on knowledge and continue to cultivate that knowledge. The world is ever changing and forever evolving.

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For instance, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to ask my 12-year old son to help me program the television because I have no clue how to operate the thing. However, if his heart was to stop, I’m 1000% sure I could perform CPR to the very best of my ability and save his life. My 6-year old daughter managed to memorize the password to unlock my iPad after only seeing me type it in once. However, I can’t seem to distinguish between a late deceleration and a variable deceleration on a fetal monitoring strip and I’ve been interpreting those things day in and day out for the past 12 years. You labor and delivery nurses know what I’m talking about. Lord help!!! I can’t even blame it on old age because I’m only 38 years old!!!! Sheesh!!!

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Do You Know?

So could you be any more humble? Do you really know everything there is to know about everything? I’m pretty sure that answer is no. Humility keeps us from thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought to think and keeps us open to receive information no matter the source. Humility keeps us from looking down on those that are less fortunate whether it be financially or intellectually. Most importantly, humility keeps us out of trouble with God. Just as quick as we obtain, he is just as quick to detain. The last thing you would want is for God to prevent you from moving forward all because you chose not to humble yourself. You heard that right. We have to humble ourselves so that God doesn’t have to step in and do that for us. So when was the last time you practiced humility? Would you consider yourself a humble person? There’s no better time than the present.

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